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Haute Couture Links Sources for Garment Industry

‘Sourcing’ is a term often used in the Garment Industry. Fashion magazines online now more than ever, use links to find out about everything that is FASHION. Photographers, Haute Couture clothing from garment industry stores, Runway show Directors and Managers, Boutiques from ALL over the globe, uses the internet’s Link Sources to get instant gratification. The supply chain is enormous but sometimes lacking quality control. When Haute Couture Buyers from all over the globe are traveling into town for the Shows, they really need those links to get hooked up. New York FW, Milan FW, London FW, Paris FW, Australia FW, Japan FW, India’s FW all require demand planning for their success working in the garment industry. China sourcing has remarkably moved up on the totem pole offering increasing resources and you can find it ALL on the internet. China has always been a great part of the consumer goods industry. Boutiques featuring Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Baby Wear, Pet Wear, all keep a calendar for the apparel industry. Urban fashion no doubt is crucial to the market as well. Therefore, clothing stores make sure they offer a certain amount of garment industry clothes have entered the market with a vengeance. This includes the curvy fashionistas love of Haute Couture, plus-size women, custom made clothing and online stores are all participants in apparel sourcing. Catwalk trend reports points to an even more expanding market in the next few years. Haute Couture Parisienne has taken a back seat and is NO longer the clothing Mecca. The supply chain more than ever, does now indeed include ‘the internet’s’ Links sources for convenience, practicality, affordability and safety. Enjoy!
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