Famous Fashion Illustrators

Fashion Illustrators PAST & PRESENT!

The MASTER: Antonio Lopez [1943-1987]

AL2x al3 xal4

  Japanese Fashion Illustrator, ISAO


 British Illustrator David Downton

David downton

Kenneth Paul Block

kenneth PB




 Los Angeles native, Tony Viramontes (1960-1988)

Viramontes1x Viramontes4x Viramontes2x Viramontes3x


             Stephen Stipelman

Mats1x MatsX Stipelman1x Stipelman2x



Rodger Duncan


Carl Erickson


Lawrence Mynott


Tim Sheaffer


Rene Gruau



We miss you ANTONIO!


:: Thanks to the Publishers

of these marvelous Drawings ::


©Thames and Hudson Ltd., London

(Book Title: Fashion Illustration Today by Nicholas Drake)

©Schirmer Art Books

(Book Title: Antonio | 60 * 70 * 80|)

NOTE: Drawing fashion sketching require some knowledge of garment construction. It allows the artist to draw fashion sketches with a better understanding of what the fashion designer’s ideas are all about. Fashion drawings can be a simple sketch to an extravagant rendering of various clothing styles. Both Fashion photography and textile design can sometimes inspire the Fashion illustrator, helping to add a certain flair to the fashion sketch. Perfect example of this is by such artist listed on this page like the Remarkable Antonio Lopez, David Downton, Steven Stipelman, Kenneth Paul Block, Gruau and several others. The Fashion Illustrations that have been created by these few here, have inspired a whole generation of Designers, Artist both Fine Arts and Illustrators, Editors, Photographers and even Models to be a bit more stylish. A Fashion Illustration can and usually does evoke a lot of inspiration to many that indulge in viewing.



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