Costume Designer for film making

ccbiglogohome_logoThe Costume designer in film making are often a trained fashion designer who pursue jobs in the film industry. Creative jobs in film industry is usually part of the art department. An award winning costume designer usually  works in the film production part of film making commonly reference to as ‘Below the Line’. Costume designers use costume rentals, famous fashion designers, retail stores (major & thrift), dressmakers, pattern makers and seamstresses who can ALL aid in development of the clothes for a particular film project. Professional Costume Designers work on TV Shows, Theatrical costumes, Independent studios, Circus, Mardi Gras, for Producers and Directors as well as Celebrities. Period costumes particularly can require a lot of Research (History of Fashion), Detail and Construction. This can be very expensive for the funder. Movie jobs in general are not easy to come by if a Costume Designer is not in a Union. Though Non-Union jobs are as common, some larger film making projects usually demand some affiliation with a Union organization. All in all, one can get started in whatever area of costume design one chooses to be part of simply by having a few ‘basic’ technical skills. Sandy Powell a seasoned Costume Designer has brought the art of Costume Design to a level of greatness. Costume Designers unlike the fashion designer, work more project base in film making rather than seasonal unless your working in the TV area. Many times, Beginners learn from your Seasoned Designer in fashion or film and begin work in these areas as their Assistants with costume design. You just keep at it till you can Master all there’s to learn in order to hone your skills.

Good Luck!

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NOTE: IMDb Network covers the entire “Film & Television” Industry… get Contacts for Production Companies, Agents, Actors, Film, Crew, Music, TV.

It’s a must if you take your career seriously. Good luck..!


Costume designer jobs are plentiful but the fashion designer might very well be one of the  film industry best asset. Even costume rentals were at one point a fashion designer idea. Realize that a Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Rio employ and need a good costume designer to get the job done right. Maybe not an award winning costume designer but still a designer with skills and technical knowledge. A fashion designer job extends deeper in the film industry and film making because you must understand how the garment will behave especially when working on period costumes. All creative jobs utilizing talent require an edge. No different is the job of Costume Designer in the film industry. Film production in the art of film making, is no different especially when re-creating the period costumes. Many a Costume Designer has brought the art of Costume Design to a level of greatness in the film industry with their creativity and imagination. Hollywood studios focus on the costume designer ideas and interpretation of their handling of referenced historic scripts. Los Angeles County has long been a haven for film production in California. Studios like Warner Bros have long featured the work of the Costume Designer in many film production movies and previews. Edith Head always stands out as a pioneer in breaking down the costume plot with emphasis on historical costumes for the Hollywood film. It was pure genius what she accomplished. Fashion design schools more and more are introducing Costume Design as a major. The American Film Industry by far is a part of a staple of good film making, Internationally. The costume designer jobs have been celebrated by the Academy Awards since its inception. Even Independent film makers relish the Costume Designer in the movie business as well as Major Film Studios.

Some of this year’s [2012] nominees for films like Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse” epic, “The Descendants” with George Clooney, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”, “Hugo” directed by Martin Scorsese, are all a shoe in for the Academy Awards. Hollywood’s Kodak Theater has been playing host for the presentations in the past few years where winners like SOCIAL NETWORK, THE KING’S SPEECH and BABLE enjoyed being honored. Just think, back when it all started the Hollywood Roosevelt was host. Now it’s a great part of Oscar History. Don’t forget the many other categories: Art Direction, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress Oscar and so on. Film Schools in LA are now very prevalent and talent from all over the globe go there waiting for their day in the sun. French actors, British actors and of course our American actors all await being an Oscar Winner whether they admit or not. Period costumes for The Silent Film “The Artist” inspired great artistry and performance by a great assortment of Talent. There many options in film jobs commonly referred to as production jobs. There the tabloids (the Hollywood report, back stage, variety and so on), online film sources (IMDb), Agents, Unions and smoozing, a lucrative Hollywood term. There is also many opportunities in theater, stage design and shows in Vegas, Circus and Entertainers styling. Get creative and you’ll work. My best to All and don’t give up your Dream!


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